Tokyo Ghoul, chemistry, modern-day slavery (scattered)


Tokyo Ghoul

You know, I really like watching Tokyo Ghoul because of its characters’ development, relationships, and simply aesthetics (I especially appreciate and want to understand Suzuya and Akira).

Suzuya Juuzou:

As for Juuzou, there’s such beautiful tenderness in his appearance and mannerisms sometimes that I don’t want to hate him, and that I feel determined to find the goodness in him.

Akira Mado:

Image result for akira mado

Image result for akira mado



Examples of amorphous solids are glasses and plastics. These solids’ atoms are not arranged in a regular pattern.

“la·ser print·er

ˈlāzər ˌprin(t)ər/


a printer, linked to a computer, producing good-quality printed material by using a laser to form a pattern of electrostatically charged dots on a light-sensitive drum, which attract toner (or dry ink powder). The toner is transferred to a piece of paper and fixed by a heating process.”

That’s incredible.

By the way, this post will be more scattered. You may not like that, you may be fine with it, but basically this post may have seemingly random bits which are interesting to me.

Laser printers use amorphous semiconductors.

Okay, so changes of state of matter:

  • Melting: solid becomes liquid.
  • Sublimation: solid becomes gas.
  • Freezing: liquid becomes solid.
  • Vaporization: liquid becomes gas. (Evaporation is a specific form of vaporization, where particles on the surface of a nonboiling liquid become gases.)
  • Condensation: gas becomes liquid.
  • Deposition: gas becomes solid.

Sometimes when you take a hot shower, you may notice the mirrors are steamy when you get out; you may notice condensed water molecules on those mirrors, and by condensed I mean that gas became liquid water. But how did water coming out of the showerhead get on the mirrors? Well, it was so hot that some water molecules had enough energy to enter the gas state. When they came into contact with the mirrors, they condensed. So vaporization and condensation both took place.

That’s really cool.

Isn’t that a way to get water to travel? Imagine a small box hanging from a cieling connected to another, placed on the floor, through a small plastic tube (that is placed more or less vertically) or something. In the top box, completely closed-off except for the tube, you can have liquid water. (In the top box, the tube will be placed high enough so that that gravity will not pull the liquid down to the other box—in other words, the liquid will not “fall” down the tube into the bottom box.) In the other, nothing. Now imagine heating the top box. Imagine the bottom box being at room temperature. Liquid water from the top box will turn to gas and some of its particles will travel to the tube. Those that descend (this will be a small system, and gas particles should descend the tube pretty fast, I mean they move pretty fast and there’s not much space) will eventually condense into water, right? And they can only do that after getting to the bottom box (because of the cooler temperature there), so once they get down there and turn to liquid, they can’t come back up, right? So those particles will remain in the liquid state—once you cross to one side you can’t go back—until all the liquid from the top box has turned into gas and found its way to the bottom box.

Right? That’s transportation! That’s amazing!

I really want to do that now. Not that my last two experiments were successful. I (unsuccessfully) tried to test a psychology concept on my dog (rewarding certain behavior, seeing how long it would take him to learn to press a “lever” for food), and I blew up a balloon and stuck it in the freezer to see if it would get smaller (It didn’t). I thought that the gas particles would stop moving so much and would not spread out so much because of the lower temperature, but I guess it wasn’t low enough.

Maybe this is what is called flow—that state that I’ve heard about in psychology where you’re absorbed, interested, and engaged. It’s a good state to be in and I’m sure everyone can achieve it. It’s where you feel love for your activities, hobbies, work, whatever. Where you feel immersed and capable.

Modern-day slavery

“A less visible but still prevalent form of slavery in America involves illegal migrant laborers who are lured with the promise of work and then manipulated into forced servitude, living without wages or freedom of movement, under constant threat of being turned over to the police should they let up in their work. Walk Free cites ‘a highly developed criminal economy that preys on economic migrants, trafficking and enslaving them.’ That economy stretches from the migrants’ home countries right to the United States.”

We can’t just sit back and do nothing. Reality is reality and it must be faced. But what can I do?

People shouldn’t pray for God to change things—if he cared enough, wouldn’t he have done that already? You think there’s ever been a time when people haven’t been praying?

Changes must be made or people will continue to suffer.

But there are so many problems.

In some aspects, the world is so broken. And obviously it’s broken on a very large scale, and one person can’t do it all. I’m not thinking about never helping—I’m thinking about gathering more information to come up with real solutions that I am convinced will help. Or to support those who think they have them.

But it’s frustrating that people should suffer.

It’s frustrating to see hatred, jealousy, selfishness, ruin. I can understand it, but it’s so disappointing anyway. I expected the world to be different.

But you know, I get it, and I feel compassion—my own emotions are quick to judge and blame but that won’t fix things. Things can be fixed. If everything makes sense, then there are logical solutions. Those of us that can help simply must decide to be selfless enough.

The more I know, the more I can do. Knowledge is power.


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