Hi! I’m a 16 year old female that lives in the U.S. with two caring parents and a younger brother. I’m very open about my experiences and thoughts, valuing honesty. This site is one in which I write about whatever I want to. I like focusing on many different types of things, and thus my posts fall under many different categories (math, science, history, etc.).

I am always learning, (and therefore always changing). I like to gather information and piece it together, connecting ideas. My posts consist of knowledge I’ve accumulated from various places, but I do it to form a model of the universe. If I closely summarize articles or books, it isn’t for monetary gain.

I also enjoy teaching: I enjoy explaining things. That is why in my posts, there is almost always–if not always–educational content. Most also have personal information.

Honesty aside, there is certain information I won’t reveal for my own security. What allows me to be so honest with strangers is my state of anonymity.